Shutting Down; Goodnight beliebers!

So it’s only 9- almost 10 PM here in Cali. So, I really need to get off the blog. I most likely won’t be on tomorrow because of President’s Day. I’m not doing anything though hahaha, but goodnight beliebers! xo


What a douche.

Loose Lipz

Carney enrages Justin Bieber fans online via Twitter by changing his profile photo

Carney enrages Bieber via a Twitter profile picture? That’s indeed the case on Sunday, as Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has found a brand new way to annoy Justin Bieber fans this weekend.

About a week after Carney dissed Justin Bieber after he was snubbed a Grammy Award, he’s now taking his venom towards Justin online. Namely, online to his Twitter account.

On Sunday, Carney enraged Bieber Nation by actually changing his profile photo to Justin Bieber’s picture. He then altered his bio to read as the following:

“Official twitter for the actual verified Justin Bieber DOS virtual buddy.”

Since then, Carney, who has 121,000 fans on Twitter, has been retweeting many of the negative tweets he has gotten. While he’s not trying to trick people into really believing that he’s Justin’s true Twitter account, Carney has found a way to get under the skin of both his own…

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#Socket2Me Josh

Let’s start this entry off on a foot that will get me either loved or hated.

Ok, now that you’ve chosen your side of the battle, let’s move on. If you didn’t already, you now know how Justin Bieber rose to unfathomable fame. Before this fateful upload, he was just a regular kid, growing up in Ontario, Canada. He liked to sing, so he periodically uploaded videos to his YouTube page, so his family could see. Then, a man by the name of Scooter Braun saw this video, and tracked him down at his school theater. The rest is history. This is just one of many examples of how social media has brought people from zero to hero.

Ah, but I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking that YouTube is just a place to watch funny cat videos, not a social networking site. But, you couldn’t be more wrong…

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